The clinic is located in a quiet, secured ground floor parking, relaxed environment and good facilities. The building is meticulously designed for  technical, comfortable, and ideal for modern dental services.  It is fully equipped with sophisticated dental equipment such as new panoramic digital X-ray machine and  materials.  We offer the modern dental care with high standard of infection control. Instrument sterilization is carefully  performed with autoclave and surface decontamination is routinely undertaken. Our staffs have been well-trained and will welcome you with warm hospitality. Anxiety and pain control are provided with conscious sedation. Proper oral health care instructions are  always given after treatment. Our team offers a full range of quality dental services, incorporating visiting dental specialists  from Australia, America, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and dental technicians / ceramists who have trained overseas.  Moreover, the dental treatment fees are reasonable.

Standard Dental Surgery’s building was technically designed for ideal dental surgery with a calm and relaxed environment.

The brand new digital X-ray machine was imported from Italy recently for taking the both upper and lower jaws as well teeth
Case Hightlights

Your teeth are important part for your general heath and your lifestyle. They are crucial for chewing, digestion, speaking, smiling, and appearance. Dental decays, gum disease, and accidents can cause the loss of teeth.

The natural coloured porcelain crowns and bridges are often made of porcelain and metal alloy (non-precious and precious or gold) as the inside framework.

Third molars are the last teeth to develop in the mouth - developing behind the upper and lower second molars. The molar teeth are useful because they can grind food up before swallowing. By the age of 20, the average adult has 32 teeth;